Backgrounds of Top Pharma CEOs

On 1 February 2010, Joseph Jimenez will take over as the new CEO of Novartis. Unlike most of the other top 10 pharma CEOs, Jimenez has spent significant parts of his professional life outside of the healthcare industry.

Following the resignation of Daniel Vasella, John C. Lechleiter of Lilly will be the only top 10 pharma CEO with an MD or PhD degree. Most of his CEO colleagues have business or law degrees.

CEO (Company) – Education / Previous Companies

  1. Jeffrey Kindler (Pfizer)
    BA, JD  /  McDonalds, GE
  2. Chris Viehbacher (Sanofi-Aventis)
    BA (Commerce), CPA  /  GSK, PwC
  3. Andrew Witty (GSK)
    BA (Economics)  /  GSK
  4. Joseph Jimenez (Novartis)
    BA, MBA  /  Blackstone, Heinz, Clorox
  5. Severin Schwan (Roche)
    MA (Economics), JD  /  Roche
  6. David Brennan (AstraZeneca)
    BA (Business)  /  AstraZeneca, Merck
  7. William C. Weldon (Johnson&Johnson)
     BSc (Biology)  /  Johnson&Johnson
  8. Richard T. Clark (Merck & Co)
    BA, MBA  /  Merck & Co
  9. John C. Lechleiter (Lilly)
    BSc, PhD (Chemistry)  /  Lilly   
  10. James M. Cornelius (BMS)
    BA (Accounting), MBA  /  Guidant, Lilly

Source: internal analysis

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